Our Digital Watering Hole

In the wild, a watering hole is a place animals congregate to obtain, primarily, water. Because every animal needs water, every animal must make a trip to the watering hole part of their regular daily life. Interestingly, because every animal has to journey to the watering hole, it’s the place to be. Even if you’re not thirsty, but just want to interact with other animals, it’s still the place to be. Whether you’re looking for a mate or just a bite to eat, you gotta get there.

The internet is a modern day watering hole. It’s where we meet to interact with other people. Sometimes we’re the zebra looking for a mate, sometimes we’re the lion looking for lunch, and sometimes we’re the antelope fearing for our lives.

In our digital watering hole, ideas are exchanged, services rendered, favors given out, and life is sustained. What part do you play in this digital Serengeti? Is the internet a better place having you in it?

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