The Perfect Blog Post Script That Really Sells

This is where I say something attention grabbing and relevant.

It can be about the image that goes with this post. Maybe a song lyric, or popular search term.

Whatever hook I use, it had better be trendy, over the top, opinionated, and each paragraph can be no more than two sentences long.

Then by paragraph four, I’ve grabbed your short-attention span with my uber-short, punchy prose. You’ll no doubt click the “read more” link if I provided one.

Now the post takes on a more serious tone, and combines the above intro with the content you actually came here for. I’ve only got a couple sentences to do so, which isn’t much, before going into a short list, because nobody reads paragraphs anymore.

1. Same Content You Can Get Anywhere

Nothing unique here, just something I found on someone else’s top 3 Tips list.

2. Second Stolen Idea

Nothing in the ensuing paragraph to support this notion, just a restating using more confident language.

3. The Contradiction

With this third subtitle contradicting what I’ve already stated, this paragraph serves to tell you not to take any advice to the extreme, thus freeing me of any moral obligation if my advice fails.

That’s all the points I have, because I’m stretching this content out for future posts, or maybe an ebook on the same topic. You won’t buy the cow if I give you the milk for free, now will you?


Finally, I restate all the life-changing content I just presented, summing it all up in one general sentence and leaving you wondering, “Why didn’t he just say it all in one sentence to begin with?”.

This space is reserved for the obligatory question designed to spark conversation within the comments because the content of the post is too sparse to do so, and we all know it. So take the bait, leave a lot of comments, only a handful of which will have anything to do with my bait question anyway, and I’ll feel popular, which is kinda the point of all this.

Sarcastically yours,

Generic Blogger

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