What Being Too Busy Really Says About You

I don’t know when it became a badge of honor to be overwhelmed. People are always complaining life is SO busy. They don’t have time for this or that. They quickly run down the list of this week’s commitments and I get exhausted just hearing about it.

Why is this something we brag about? It’s as if being too busy to get together with friends, complete a landscaping project, or make good food for the holidays means you’re living a good life. Being busy does not equal being productive. Being busy does not equal being a good anything. It does not raise your stock in anyone’s eyes but your own.

Obviously we have seasons in life where we do have more commitments we must attend to. But being chronically busy isn’t a badge, it’s a burden. And a stupid, selfish, self-inflicted one at that, and one I find myself falling into regularly.

Know your limits and work within them. Being chronically busy hurts everyone whose relying on you. Your work suffers. You suffer. Your family suffers. Everyone gets a thinned out, stressed out, ineffective version of you.

Instead of saying, “I’m so busy,” try telling the truth by saying, “I’m willing to give everyone a crappy version of me.” If we committed to that response, I wonder how quickly we would break the habit of being chronically busy.

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