Write Things That Matter

If you’re anything like me (God help you) you’ve probably noticed so much of the helpful content online is not unique. You find the same Top 10 Ways to be More Productive and similar how-to’s (or hacks, as the cool kids call them) for common problems.

No doubt those articles are useful at times. I’ve written those kinds of posts, and I still read some myself. But is that the best we have to offer?

When ideas worth recording were first written on papyrus, animal hides, or chiseled into stone, people had to put a lot of thought into what they were saying before they said it. Nobody was going to write about trivial things when so much money and time went into recording those thoughts. In short, written words weren’t cheap.

Does the world need another How to Use MyTwitFace Like a Boss post? Another product review site? How about another rant about how the latest shock celeb is destroying the fabric of America? Maybe.

Maybe that content is needed. Is it still going to be needed tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Probably not. More importantly, is it worth your time to write it, or should you leave those topics to others while you pursue something more meaningful?

At the end of your life, what do you want to be remembered for? Are the things you’re writing going to be remembered at all? They will be, but only if you write things that matter.

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